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Embarked on Reiki Art Series; number 1

from today's intentions toward teaching same...

Be it known that finally, here and now in 2023,

following many lengthy meditations on this matter year after year,

the Spiritual Consciousness of the Reiki Source

has offered assurances that,

because of my longevity within the Reiki Community,

and as an Aphantasian Artist

holding the highest respect and regard for use of same,

my intentional application of Reiki symbols

within One Love Energy's energized artwork

does not

defy, nor violate, the covenant and sacred trust inherent in their existence.

Said designs being used within teaching materials, etc.

serves as a broader means of utilizing

the symbols' functional ability

in the same way

that today’s distance healing has evolved into online usage

expanding the reach of Reiki’s benefits.

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