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healing vibes


2018 WAS TIME...
    ...time to bring my evolving energy
to the central U.S.A.
I'd outgrown an East coast experience,
so it was time to expand
and move on out into the rest of our country.
    ...I didn't come seeking attention
        ...I don't need recognition
BUT, until I AM able
to determine
another's toxicity
to my generosity
and well-being,
I choose to hold all,
quietly at a DISTANCE.
Arrogance may be felt
by but a few,
BUT, if you
prove true,
as friend
and family,
it is all of you

who will know
my love
and the gratitude
I hold
for your being
in my world.



Meraki (may-rah-kee)
Doing something with total love, and pure soul.
Leaving some of yourself in your creative work.


Love Yourself enough
to be by Yourself

The capacity to be alone, is the capacity to love.
It may seem paradoxical, but it is not;
it is an existential truth.
Only those who are capable of happiness
with being alone
are capable of true love, of sharing,
of going into the deepest core of another person;
without possessing the other,
without becoming dependent on the other,
without reducing the other to a thing, and
without becoming addicted to the other.
They allow the other absolute freedom,
because should the other leave,
they continue to be happy.
Happiness cannot be taken away by another,
because it is not received from another;
it is within each of us.


With Spirituality comes Morality.
Morality is doing what is right,
regardless of what you are told.
Religion is doing what you are told,
regardless of what is right.
Spiritual people are not god-less,
they just honor the “god” in all of us.
Divinity is in you, as it is in me.


Top Twelve Thoughts...
The past cannot be changed
Opinions don’t define reality
Everyone’s journey is different
Things always get better with time
Judgements are a confession of character
Happiness is found within
Positive thoughts create positive things
Smiles are contagious
Kindness is free
You only fail, if you quit
What goes around, comes around


Welcome to my inaugural venture into internet web design;

like an old-timer photographer who still clung to his film, I've been reluctant to breach the learning of this foreign realm.

Some day, some way, the universe will bring forth that one generous, old-soul, likeminded angel,

who'll be seeking a working relationship alongside me, to take this venture in energy to the next level.

}H{^}H{ -      **  Until such time, peruse, partake, and enjoy my menagerie  **     -   }H{^}H{

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