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Computer Graphic, Photographic, and Videographic DESIGN'er
    plus extensive experience in marketing, data presentation and print production

A sampling of favorite photos 
( designs are below )

A sampling of favorite designs 
( photos are ABOVE )

As one can see, there has been much involvement in our local community of Stratham, NH where my wife and myself raised our family.

Our Historical Society, our Volunteer Fire Department, and our local school systems all benefited from the many pro bono projects

completed during our time on the east coast.

Most satisfying was my infamous introduction of video taping to contentious school board meetings

following my tenure on the board.

Two years were spent attending weekly meetings, recording same, and providing FREE DVD recordings

to the public through the district's six public libraries;

courtesy of cost saving technology and digital hard drive recorders. Herein is a LINK to a prime example of said controversy.

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