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Highly creative and multi-talented
Computer Graphics Designer,
Energized Digital Artist,
& Roll Jrumma
Photographer, and

"I AM an energized Reiki Master level artist,

creating original New Age Spiritual Art (NASA) designs,

as well as generating "drummed up" vibrational energy,

and function in a focused higher consciousness mindset

enabling a fruitful connection to meditative imagery

which is depicted in my "focused healing energy"

intentioned digital designs."

> > HEALING }H{^}H{ HANDS < <

In 2014, with over 25 years of graphics industry experience under my belt, I finally turned my full attention to digital media artistry, following a lengthy hiatus from my innate creative energies, after an extended devotion to making a living while raising a family.  As an artist, I am drawn to New Age concepts, designed with the use of a computer pallet and software program brushes as my go to media. The freedom of the New Age expression came about naturally, since the concept around universal energy flow phenomena has always intrigued me since an early age when, even in grade school, a teacher pointed out within my report card that I was a "lone wolf" of a student. This inherent old-soul uniqueness was literally driven home when I survived a near fatal car crash in my early twenties. This near-death experience solidified in my mind that the universal energies at play in my daily experiences had other plans for me during my lifetime. Knowing in my heart, that the usual artistic modes of expression were not for me, I waited patiently, constantly alert for the universe to present to me that one avenue that resonated through to my soul; then finally, that quest came to fruition at the age of 60. Happenstance first brought the idea surrounding Reiki to me; a metaphysical practice of channeling universal healing energy through one's hands into the intended recipient. BINGO! The light went on in my mind's eye and I was off and running. Then, almost immediately, came the concept around Mandalas, a depiction of the universe intended to promote healing within mankind. Double-BINGO! And there I was... Reiki, Mandalas, and extensive experience as a Graphic Artist all came together in that moment, and I knew, down to the depths of my soul, that this, in fact, was the lifelong reward for my quest. And "One Love Energy" came to me as that expression through which my artwork and creative energy would flow.​


plus extensive experience in marketing,
​data presentation and print production.

Formerly located at

One Washington Street Mill,

in a shared Studio

201A in Dover, New Hampshire

Another happenstance experience, my first in

this shared studio space realm with two amazing ladies.

March of 2017 was the inaugural Friday Night Dover Art Walk at the Mill. Over the months that followed, so many people stopped by to stare, absorb, and just say "Hi." Experiencing such strong reaction and encouragement to my artwork was an eye opener.

2018 ended with my family leaving Seacoast New Hampshire, and moving west to Colorado;

a new outlet where my visioning would find

new avenues of expression.
The move entailed having to let go of so much during those coming months, such a powerful experience, of which I could never have imagined, yet I faithfully forging forward into the unknown that lay before me.

Oh, yeah, and I do offer personal Reiki Sessions

by appointment only.


New Age Spiritual Artistry (NASA) in “Focused Healing Energized” Digital Designs

If something does not enable your life's passion, just let it go...

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