If something 
does not enable your life passion,
just let it go...

Computer Graphic ,

    Digital Reiki Artistic,

Photographic, and Videographic


    plus extensive experience in marketing, data presentation and print production

Highly creative and multi-talented graphic designer, musician, photographer, videographer and newly enlightened old soul.

I AM an energy artist Reiki Master,
creating original New Age Spiritual Art (NASA)
and function in a focused meditative mindset,

regularly connecting with new Meditative Imagery
ideas to depict in my Reiki infused digital designs.

Although subconsciously aware

of a universal energy significance all my life,

I was awakened in 2014 to my current enlightened pathway;

a Spiritual Empath sharing Spritually Spoken Energy

as digital Imagery on which to Meditate.


Focused Healing Energy Mandalas

was born

Formerly at One Washington Street Mill,

in a shared Studio 201A in Dover, NH

(my first experience in this realm).

March of 2017 was the inaugural

Friday Night Dover Art Walk at the Mill.

Over the months that followed,

so many people stopped by to look and just say "Hi."

Such strong reaction and encouragement to my artwork

was an eye opener.

2018 has seen me leaving Seacoast New Hampshire,

and moving west to Colorado;

a place where my visioning would find new outlets.

The experience entailed having to let go of so much,

so powerful that I would have never imagined,

yet faithfully looking forward to the unknown

that lay before me...

Oh, yeah... and I do offer personal Reiki Sessions by appointment only