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...created latest Activation Art in response to an application I placed last evening with a local educational organization. Really not expecting much, but, nothing ventured, nothing gained. It was, though, an uplifting evening of addressing some deeper insights I have yet to address. Let the universe have at it and I will move forward accordingly.

Right now my body is complaining through painful joints that I perhaps need to change direction... HAPPENSTANCE BROUGHT FORWARD ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO GROW

Asked to outline the design thinking methodologies I have used in my work...

As a newly diagnosed Aphantasian soul, unbeknownst to me throughout my life, I was always in search of that one niche in which to ply my creative juices; 2014 along with all it brought forward into my consciousness, launched me into a trajectory of abundant love.

Upon this realization, the universe brought me the concept of One Love Energy designs that come from my heart and the feelings (not visuals) experienced during the inception of all my abstract creations.

Imagery moves back and forth between raster and vector design applications on my computer (knowledge garnered amongst my 30 plus years in the evolving graphics industry into usage of computers); being ever aware of that moment when my effort may have exceeded comprehension by my audience.

A fine tuned balancing act at it's BEST!


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