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Date With Fate

This foreword for "Lifetime Of Love"

is One's trauma that needed healing...

we all have them... sadly

some more than others...

not all overcome... sadly.

LOL will be One's story

via digital imagery

being brought to fruition

meant to heal.

John Hazekamp,



is first and foremost,

a newly diagnosed

Usui Reiki practitioner (2014)

who is inherently

always channeling loving energy

out into the world

wherever he goes;

as both a musician

who connects deeply

with his audience

through drumming,

and a digitally driven visual artist,

originally from Ridgewood, New Jersey.

His lifetime of energy centered consciousness

as an empathic old-soul,

along with both

30 plus years of a computer centered graphics career,

and an intensely personalized

feeling for vibrations

(vibes - especially those emitted from his drums),

as well as an inability to actually visualize

(a newly recognized condition called aphantasia)

in his mind’s eye,

enables him to create his art

completely through feelings

that encompass

an intense energized vibrancy for color interplay

within diverse abstractive imagery.

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