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"DEATH by EGO" is a first in a new TEXT Series - words centered designs.

So, just about a week ago JON was coming out of double-hernia surgery followed by an extended general anesthesia induced visit back to his early twenties; coming back to consciousness felt like being back then when he was face down on the moistened roadway pinned halfway out the window of his upside-down Camaro pressing down against his backside making it difficult to breath. Mayhem had ensued as friends that had been following the lead vehicle came to realize what had just happened; and I too coming back to consciousness to a recovery room attendant somewhat concerned about my dwindling oxygen levels. Revisiting these types of near-death trauma seem to ignite newfound creative inspiration that has ebbed and flowed over the last couple years. Focusing on my health during this last week has brought forth some interesting creativity; so off we go...

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