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Stumbled onto something in my travels today...

another writing that caught my eye and tweaked my interest.

On another note, received feedback on another INSTAGRAM Post similar to this piece's background with different verbiage. Reader felt the type should be black because it was hard to read, as is. Here was my reply:

"I truly appreciate your insight, but my attempt is not merely focused on making the wording easily decipherable, but rather meld within the overall background design as part of it, not to overpower it. If one is to read it, making too easy, takes away from the energized background wherein the healing energy resides. Take it all in, together; not one, or the other. Take care and be well."

As a result, I've embarked on using this same background to reinforce memorable verses I'll be encountering in the class I'm currently taking at Mile Hi Church - Beyond Limits #101 in which we're reading, This Life Is Joy, by Roger Teel. To drive home the meaningful context, I'll be inserting select text that I feel strongly about. Hope you enjoy. Take care. Namaste.

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