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In Search Of...

My creative soul is wrapped up in rock and roll.

come to the realization, of late.

My destiny of a family is all of humanity

and it just won't wait for the next eternity.

Rage Against The Machine music-man-ship

landed on my radar, of late,

so, I'm in search of a new sound, that likewise,

is in search of the creativity herein found.

From Red Rock, to Cabrini Shrine,

to an Ellie Opera House venue

they all ache for some refreshing brew

a collaboration with what is,

or perhaps a part of something new.

This learning to dance a nutcracker part

in search of a place to ply my energy art

is a challenge I find gut wrenchingly tart

Yet one that comes straight from the heart.


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Jul 10, 2019

Declaration of Inter-Dependence

It is with the greatest of honor,

gratitude, and admiration

that I now pledge,

that with all the power

vested in my God-self soul,

by our endless universe,

as a Minister,

Reiki Master, and

most of all,

a Near Death Experience / Survivor,

I extend on to both,

Tyler and Emily,


bestowed on me through my participation in these celestial experiences,

for the benefit of your new,

and everlasting, life together

as one entity;

much the same as

the Yin and Yang lifetime,

my wonderful wife and I

have been privileged to partake in.

May your God-selves thrive

in the same realms

that both Carol and I have.


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